Performer. Recording Artist. Vocal Coach.

Throughout my life, some of my most treasured moments have been to connect on a heart level with another person. Singing, and subsequently teaching the ‘art of singing’ has helped me discover not only my true voice, but an authenticity that has led me to experience so much joy.
— Marie Bridge

It's all about reaching people through music

That is the philosophy of Canadian soul singer, Marie Bridge. Like many professional musicians, Marie grew up surrounded by music. As a little girl on the salty shores of Vancouver Island, she started out with a cardboard keyboard and giant imagination. 

And that imagination took her places. 

From the stage to the classroom to venues around the world, Marie has been performing in one way or another for more than 25 years. For her, its the best way to reach people. Blending a unique range of genres into every power packed performance, Marie’s connection to her craft and to her audience runs deep. 

Marie is well known in the Canadian music scene. She built her chops travelling with a fast-paced musical revue cast for several years. Her passion for learning, teaching and performing has taken her across Canada, the United States and Southeast Asia. As the front woman for countless musical acts and more recently, Big Bands, chances are you have seen her in action. 

The transition into teaching, songwriting and recording came naturally to Marie, opening up new channels of expression. As the Performing Arts Director at an inner city church in Calgary for eight years, she wrote and produced dozens of gospel performances and directed the evening band for the recovery ministry.

Today, Marie is exactly where she wants to be - sharing music with students and audiences of all ages.  Whether songwriting in Nashville, coaching others, training with the greats, or performing in front of thousands at festival venues, Marie delivers a soulful and melodic sound that connects her with both audiences and students in a way like no other.   

Marie's studios are currently located in Calgary, Alberta.