• Cornerstone Music Cafe (map)
  • 14919 Deer Ridge Drive Southeast
  • Calgary, AB, T2J 6A9
  • Canada

Master Class - Cornerstone Music Cafe
April 24, 2016
Cost: $20

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Master classes are designed for experienced vocalists who are working towards a personal best. The small group environment allows for intensive individual instruction and also provides a rich context for shared learning.

The idea of a master class is to reach a level of mastery with a particular skill or piece of music – the achievement is very personal. Therefore, although master classes are best suited for experienced individuals, skill level and stage of development are diverse.

Students arrive with self-selected material that they would like to improve upon, refine or elevate in terms of performance standards.

Examples Of Topics Covered:

  • Performance preparation
  • Stage presence and performance training
  • Skills elevation and refinement
  • Individual mastery of material and techniques
  • Achieving your personal best

Recommended For:

Vocal Students, Experienced Singers, Professional Musicians, Performers